El WHAT?! 2: Answer to a Neverending Story

Run by: Brian Farmer

Based on the insertion premise of El Hazard, Guardians of the Flame, and many, many other novels, plays, improfanfics, and games.

Class Modifications:
Each sorceror has a method of casting spells. Based on this method, the sorceror's spells will lack a single type of component, either Verbal, Somatic, or Material. If the sorceror's casting method is such that Material is negated, expensive material components must still be kept as a Focus.
The sorceror's spells may not have the other two components removed via metamagic.
Sorceror spell casting time is not increased by metamagic feats, and sorcerors may make use of Quicken Spell normally.
Sorcerors will have a Primary Focus and a Secondary Focus. These foci will determine the first two spells a sorceror recieves for each spell level. All other spells will be determined in a semi-random manner.

Core rules rangers suck. Characters who take the Ranger class in my game will instead use the alternate ranger class.
Rather than favored enemies, Rangers recieve favored terrains. These work like favored enemies, except that the bonus applies to Listen, Spot, Search, Survival, Tracking, Intimidate, and Damage. Bonuses to Damage from this ability and related abilities are not from knowing where to hit things, but knowing how to use the terrain against them. Because of this, they apply normally against foes that are immune to critical hits.

New Feats:
None yet

Modified Feats:
Power Attack:
Because two handed weapons are generally underpowered, a two-handed weapon uses the 1.5x power attack rule from 3.5e.

New Pretige Classes:
None yet

Modified Prestige Classes:
None yet

New Domains:
New Prestige Domain: Catholicism
Granted Power: (Spell-like) Cure Disease 1/week
Granted spells: Bless Water, Cure Blindness and Deafness, Create Food and Water, Control Water, Water Walk, Swords to Plowshares, Resurrection, Wrath of God, Miracle.