The Final Logo, courtesy of Yu-Mei

Run by: Brian Farmer Brian's School Schedule
Logo courtesy of Yu-Mei
Based on the insertion premise of El Hazard, Guardians of the Flame, and many, many other novels, plays, improfanfics, and games.

Arc 01: In the Beginning
Arc 02: Desert World of Athas
Arc 03: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

Current Arc: All of you, fight like you want to win!
Session 35: A fighting tournament for a wish?
Session 35.1: A conversation in the park
Session 35.2: Two shotoclones to go.
Session 35.3: One blazing arrow, coming right up.
Session 35.4: Spitting Spaniards and Iaijutsu Masters!
Session 36: Time to test your training!
Session 37: The First Round!
Session 38: My Two Daphnes!
Session 38.1: Hair of the goat that bit you.
Session 38.2: My Samurai Guy
Session 39: One HELL of a cliffhanger.
Session 39.1: Walk through the fire and be HEALED, sistah!
Session 39.2: The Death of a Detective
Session 40: Fear and Doubt?
Session 41: Shiho: A Lover AND A Fighter?
Session 42: Mighty Annoying Evil
Session 43: Drunk and Drunker
Session 44: The Price Is Fight OR Death of a Drunkard
Session 45: Shiho, you got some 'splainin' to do!
Session 46: Detective work.
Session 47: Will the Real Murderer Please Stand Up?
Session 48: Bittersweet Symphony

El WHAT?! main theme: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride
El WHAT?! ending theme: Metallica - Wherever I May Roam
Shiho's Theme: Ayumi Hamasaki - Trust
Amy's Theme: John Barry - Born Free
Daphne's Theme: Monty Python - Bruce's Philosopher Song
Ichi's Theme: 'Weird' Al Yankovic - Dare To Be Stupid
Rocky's Theme: Dynasty Warriors 3 Soundtrack - Hall of Warriors
Cara's Theme: Mono - Life in Mono

Character Art:
Cara Carter by Alison Rementer and Miguel Nieves
Shiho Yamaguchi by Alison Rementer
Daphne McAlpin by Yu-Mei
Death of a Drunkard by Yu-Mei

Character Sheets:
The serious one, Shiho Yamaguchi - played by Brett Schimmel
Isn't Amy O'Neal just the cutest lil' thing? - played by Atom
I... I'm gonna draw you, mister! Cara Carter - played by Yonjuuni
She punches things. She drinks a whole lot. And while she isn't immortal, she's feelin' no pain. Daphne McAlpin is... the Highlander. - played by Yu-Mei
Ichi Aoyoma is no valley girl, but he sure is clueless! - played by RDMgryphon
Taro Urashima, the self-appointed school detective.

Rules Additions:
Unique Attributes and Defects
New Kensei Abilities
Gun Bunny
Drunken Master Abilities
Ricochet rules for all the Gun Bunny Buckle-Swashers
New Mechanical/Magical Genius and Magic/Psioncs/Technology rules
Arcane Archer Abilities