I play in a number of roleplaying games, but I only run two. For now.

Battle High
Battle High is my first attempt at a fighting game. It's going pretty well,
aside from being on hiatus due to overlapping with the crappy job I have.
It's been described most accurately as a cross between Flame of Recca and Harry

El WHAT?! 2: Answer to a Neverending Story
My second attempt at an insertion-genre game. Six lucky high school
students are plucked somehow from their own world and told that in order
to return, they must find the answer to a never ending story.
Good friggin' luck.

Upcoming Games:

It's the most versatile card game ever created, played on massive holographic
battlefields, for stakes far higher than money or silly trophies. Do you have
what it takes to DUEL? (Entrance by audition, Tristat dX)

Doctor WHAT?!
Take a trip through time with our own absent minded professor, Doctor What.
What do you mean, the navcomp's broken? (Entrance by audition, Tristat dX)

Guardians of a Dark Flame
Guardians of the Flame. Interdimensional college students on a mission to
bring freedom to a world where slavery is accepted. Dark Sun. A world where
slavery is not only accepted, but enforced by psionic thought police. Two
great tastes that go great together. (Entrance by invitation, d20)

El WHAT!? Adventures: The Talisman War
Jackie Chan Adventures. No interdimensional travel. Magical talismans that
give massive beating powers to whoever holds them. It's El WHAT?! Adventures!
(Entrance by audition, Tristat dX)

If there is a virtual reality game world, it's virtually inevitable that the
virtual world won't be. Most roleplayers have trouble getting in character.
This time, they have trouble getting _out._ (Entrance by Invitation, d20)

Those Who Hunt WHAT?!
"Elves are terrific. They beget terror." -Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies
Everyone knows that elves are all that is good and pure and true. Right?
(Entrance by Invitation, Legend of the Five Rings)

Read or WHAT?!
So, you think you have what it takes to be a special agent for the Library
of the Ages Secret Service?

Every so often, I find the need to make a new class, whether it be for fun,
personal use, or a request.

The Bartender
This was originally a joke class, intended to make fun of the somewhat
ridiculous propensity bartenders have for being incredibly powerful
characters who for some odd reason decided to retire to being a bartender,
of all things. Little did I know when I made it that I'd end up playing

The Halfling Grenadier
The halfling grenadier was half request and half my own need to see a missile
weapon based class that wasn't all about bows. Halflings are supposed to be
good at throwing things, and what better thing to throw than a grenadelike
missile? The fact that the character in question is currently teamed up with
my own gnome alchemist had nothing to do with it, I swear.

The Ice Knight
The Ice Knight was another request, and heavily based on various classes in
the Forgotten Realms 3e deity book. It's designed originally for Sylena, the
goddess of law and winter in The North

The Master Brewer
The Master Brewer is another wishful thinking class, since it's an Epic! class.
It would actually be fairly easy to modify it into a non-Epic class, but then I'd
have to choose between the Master Brewer and the Master Alchemist.

The Polish Mine Detector
This class is 100% joke, though according to some of my friends, people have actually
asked to play it. For those not in the know, a Polish Mine Detector is the unfortunate
phenomenon whereby an adventuring party sends its most valuable member ahead to "check"
for traps, primarily by triggering them. Henchmen and the low man on the totem pole
are both favorite subjects of this particular scheme.

The Mixmaster
This class is also a joke, but once again, I'm told that people have asked to play it.
Odd, that. It was a desperate attempt on my part to make a Bardic P-class that didn't
suck and was limited to bards. Apparently I didn't fail. Since I won't play a bard,
though, I won't ever get to playtest this particular class myself.