Battle High!

Run by: Brian Farmer

Intro 01: Hope
Intro 02: Kairi
Intro 03: Karasu
Intro 04: Atsuko
Intro 05: Mariah
Intro 06: Battle High
Intro 07: The Team
Fight 01: Placement Tests!
Fight 01-A: Hope doesn't have any.
Fight 01-B: Mariah's new friend.
Fight 02: Lunchtime and Academic Placement Tests!
Fight 02-A: How do bishies manage to piss so many people off?
Fight 02-B: Never go to see an enemy after your bishy friend has been there.
Fight 03: Second day's battle! The captain's gone!
Fight 04: The First Day of Classes!
Fight 05: A Challenge?
Fight 05-A: A bishie's gotta do what a bishie's gotta do.
Fight 06: Aftermath
Fight 06-A: Return to the Infirmary
Fight 06-B: I'm a fighter, too!
Fight 06-C: So that's where Kairi went!
Intro 08: This is your chance at the big time. Don't blow it.
Fight 07: The hardest part is leaving you all, and I'll miss you much more than words can say.
Fight 07-A: Return to the Infirmary 2: The Return
Fight 07-B: Indiana Karasu and the Teammate of DOOM!
Fight 08: A Hard Day's Waterfight
Fight 09: Session of the New Sun
Fight 09-A: Return to the Infirmary 3: First Blood
Fight 10: What a long day.
Fight 10-A: A Deal Between Devils
Fight 11: Cute and Cuddly Seizure Fighters! Catch 'em all!
Fight 12: Humiliatin' Development
Fight 13: I see a red town and I want to paint it black.
Fight 14: Rematch, Part 1
Fight 15: Rematch, Part 2
Fight 15-A: You Walk With Evil
Fight 16: It All Comes Tumbling Down
Fight 16-A: Revering the Past
Fight 16-B: A Chance Encounter
Fight 16-C: Proposal of Peace
Fight 16-D: The Search Begins
Fight 16-E: Return for Training
Fight 16-F: High Morale
Fight 16-G: Low Morale
Fight 16-H: Letters to Home
Fight 16-I: Hero's Feast
Fight 16-J: Unspoken Threats
Fight 17: Observe the Enemy
Fight 18: Let Your Spirit Guide You
Fight 19: In Search of the Future
Fight 20: Shining Steel
Fight 21: Careful Planning
Fight 21-A: Brutal Confrontation
Fight 21-B: Oath of Courage
Fight 22: Enough Talk!
Fight 23: Crippling Strike
Fight 24: Wait
Fight 25: Lunch
Fight 26: Single Blind
Fight 26-A: Lady and the Tramp
Fight 26-B: Dead Man's Party
Fight 27: New Intel
Fight 28: Investigation
Fight 29: Control the Field
Fight 30: A Dark Beginning
Fight 30-A: Unanswered Questions
Fight 31: Dead Walk the Earth
Fight 32: Crushing Attack
Fight 32-A: Read the Land
Fight 33: Flee the Darkness
Fight 33-A: Spreading Rumors
Fight 33-B: Cold Comfort
Fight 34: Take the Initiative
Fight 34-A: Emergency Provisions
Fight 35: Stolen March
Fight 35-A: Betrayal
Fight 36: A Game of Chess
Fight 36-A: Sorrow's Path
Fight 36-B: Contest of Patience
Fight 37: Review the Troops
Fight 38: Wait and See
Fight 38-A: Enmity
Fight 39: Contest of Will
Fight 39-A: Contest of Insults
Fight 39-B: Ancient Chariot
Fight 39-C: Pick Your Battles
Fight 40: Feeding the Darkness
Fight 41: Dark Journey Home
Fight 41-A: Study Carefully
Fight 41-B: Insufficient Justification
Fight 42: Delicate Negotiations
Fight 42-A: Along the Coast at Midnight
Fight 43: Hand of the Shogun


Mariah Ritter, played by Amanda
Karasu Kage, played by Brett
Ao-Lang Shen, played by Ardweden
Isaac Phillips, played by Zegon

Former Characters:

Kairi Yoshida, played by Darkheart
Hope Fayth, played by Atom

Opening Theme: Youth Gone Wild, Skid Row
Ending Theme: The Man Without Fear, Rob Zombie & Drowning Pool
Karasu's Theme: Spirit Dreams Inside, L'Arc-en-Ceil
Karasu's Second Theme: Forces, Susume Hirasawa
Karasu's Battle Theme: Awe of She, Guilty Gear X Soundtrack
Mariah's Theme: Dancing in Dreams, Sol3
Mariah's Second Theme: I Sing the Body Electric, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Hope's Theme: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Opening Theme
Kairi's Theme: Hunting High and Low, Stratovarius
Isaac's Theme: Losing My Religion, R.E.M.
Ao-Lang's Theme: Lightning's Hand, Kansas
Ao-Lang's Second Theme: Hey Pretty, Poe
Ao-Lang's Battle Theme: Dark Angel, Dynasty Warriors 4 soundtrack
Isaac's Theme: The Men of Intelligence, Dynasty Warriors 3 soundtrack
Kairi's Battle Theme: Burning Desire of Battle, Angelic Layer OST
Kaissac's Battle Theme: With A Little Help From My Friends, Joe Cocker

Ao-Lang by Kristen Smirnov
Tactical Map of Fight Tower Room #501
Battle High Logo/Cast Portrait , by Alison Rementer and Miguel Nieves

Character Generation Rules
New and Changed Attributes and Defects
New Kensei Abilities
Wang-Fu, Kensei for Unarmed Combat
Called Shot penalties