El WHAT?! 2: Answer to a Neverending Story

Run by: Brian Farmer

Based on the insertion premise of El Hazard, Guardians of the Flame, and many, many other novels, plays, improfanfics, and games.

Chapter 1: Rhymes that keep their secrets.
Session 1: A little forest jaunt.
Session 2: A long rustic walk.
Session 3: A short introduction.
Session 3-A: To find a weapon.
Session 3-B: To forge a faith.
Session 3-C: To sharpen a mind.
Session 4: A trip up the river.
Session 5: A fight in the night.
Session 6: A night of uncertainty.
Session 7: A long night's day.
Session 8: A quiet day's walk.
Session 9: A short little sneak attack.
Session 10: A disgusting little infiltration.
Session 11: A confusing conversation.
Session 12: A dragon's deadly test.
Session 13: A hasty retreat.
Session 14: A quick recovery.
Session 15: A bloody lot of confusion.
Session 16: A lot of planning.
Session 16-A: To consult an expert.
Session 16-B: To find a faith.
Session 17: A slight miscalculation.
Session 18: A good meal.
Session 19: A good start.
Session 20: A new mission.
Session 21: A rolling head.
Session 22: A worrisome revelation.
Session 22-A: To catch a thief.
Session 23: A sore posterior.
Session 24: A nocturnal visit.
Session 25: A midnight slaying.
Session 25-A: A river bath.
Session 26: A long shot.
Session 26-A: A short walk.
Session 27: A falling sky.
Session 27-A: A strange encounter.
Session 28: A surreal test.
Session 28-A: A moving mountain.
Session 28-B: A hopping fool.
Session 29: A close call.
Session 30: A desperate flight.

El WHAT?! 2 main theme: The Neverending Story, Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey
El WHAT?! 2 second ending theme: Instant Music, The Pillows
El WHAT?! 2 first ending theme: Magic Carpet Ride, Steppenwolf
The Dragon's Test theme: We All Die Young, Steel Dragon
Fadi's Theme: Come Out and Play, Offspring
Nick's Theme: Headstrong, Trapt
Nick's Second Theme: I Walk To My Own Song, Stratovarius
Emmet's Theme: Easy, Cowboy Mouth
Sophie's Theme: Nishi no Sora E, Spoon
Chiaki's Theme:

Tiffany Blackstone - John Stamm
Harold Essner - Lynxara
Emmet Broussard - Schneeble
Nicholas Anderson - Will
Fadi Al-Sabir - Zegon
Sophie Asher - Brett Schimmel
Chiaki Kusanagi - Mahamari

The general environs.
Character Art:
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Character sheet template can be found here.
Please Keep in mind, Submissions are CLOSED.
New Feats, Prestige Classes, and other rules.

Coming Eventually:
El WHAT?! 3: Magic Knight Sailor Moon F^2
El WHAT?! 4: A Song of Swords
El WHAT?! 5: Guardians of a Dark Flame
El WHAT?! 6: El WHAT!? Adventures: Search For The Talismans
El WHAT?! 7: .hack//WHAT?!
All titles subject to change without notice.